The Best Cooking Equipment for Kids

The happiest meals are made at home—and that doesn't always mean by an adult. 

These days, more and more young cooks are helping out in the kitchen.

Having the right equipment can help young chefs get off on the right foot and make them more confident in the kitchen.

With the help of young testers, we found some kid-size kitchen essentials. Here's the equipment we recommend.

• Perfectly sized for smaller hands
• Has a sharp blade that doesn't bounce off food
• Has a comfortable, grippy handle that made kids feel safe and in control

Victorinox Swiss Army Fibrox Pro 6" Chef's Knife

The Best Chef's Knife for Older Kids


• Has a small, round finger hole encourages kids to hold it safely and securely
• Comes with a plastic finger guard
• Knife's rounded tip protects kids from accidental nicks

Opinel Le Petit Chef Cutlery Set (2 Pieces)

The Best Chef's Knife for Younger Kids


• Comfortable handles and shorter length help kids control the pin
• Slightly heavier weight makes rolling a breeze
• Steel ball bearings make for smooth rolling

Mrs. Anderson's Baking Beechwood Rolling Pin

The Best Rolling Pin for Kids


• Has a sharp blade that peels produce with ease
• Handle is easy and comfortable to hold

Kuhn Rikon Original Swiss Peeler

The Best Peeler for Older Kids


• Performs well on potatoes and carrots
•  Its small wooden handle is perfect for small hands
• Additional finger ring helps kids get a better grip

Opinel Le Petit Chef Peeler

The Best Peeler for Younger Kids


• Mitts are comfortable and maneuverable
• Mitts stay cool for more than 30 seconds holding a 350-degree baking sheet
• Also safe for moderately hot tasks such as putting cookie sheets into the oven

Curious Chef Child Chef Mitt Set

The Best Oven Mitts for Kids


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